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Ziggies Muskie Lures include the following features:

  • Handcrafted three dimensional body - Jelutong or Mahogany
  • 6", 8" and 10" straight and jointed
  • Through wire construction - using .060 stainless steel wire (no screw eyes)
  • Mustad hooks - treble or double
  • Lexan custom shaped lips - held in place by 2 brass screws
  • Durable custom eyes - pupil design with special proprietary paint process
  • Epoxy sealer - 2 coats
  • Automotive lacquer color paints - realistic colors
  • Polyurethane finish coat for durability


6", 8", and 10" Ziggie Lures


10" Straight and Jointed Ziggie Lures


Custom color eyes



Below are pictures that depict the process of making the lures:


The process begins with Jelutong or Mahogany blocks of wood. 



The lures are shaped, sanded and are ready for the gluing. 






Lures are hung during the sealing process.  Two coats are applied.




Some of the various types of lures that we make.




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